U-Coat Technologies Inc, is a Largo, FL (Tampa Bay area) based company that has organically grown into the specialty supplier for flame spray systems, polymer coating powders, and repair materials.  

Our continuous growth is driven by cutting-edge advancements in portable flame spray equipment engineering, catering to projects of any size, whether mobile or in a factory setting. Combined with our custom-blended high-performance FS Polymers and complementary repair materials, U-Coat empowers modern contractors to explore revenue opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Collaborate with our experienced team to receive comprehensive support in training, certification, and project expertise. At U-Coat, we go beyond enabling contractors to be flexible and mobile on the job site; we actively promote the awareness of our “GO-GREEN” Polymers, which provide outstanding chemical, UV, and corrosion protection while contributing to North American sustainability for future generations.

Having gained invaluable insights from over 20 years in the industry, we understand that customer service is not simply a guarantee. It requires disciplined team practices, ensuring prompt and courteous responses while remaining open to customer feedback for continuous improvement.

With a diverse range of proven polymer materials and versatile flame spray gun setups, our contractors are equipped to tackle projects across various industries, including chemical plants, wastewater treatment, infrastructure development, pipeline maintenance, marine applications, transportation, and parks/leisure facilities. These environments, known for the degradation caused by heavy chemicals and salts, demand reliable equipment protection. Our extensive network of U-Coat specialty contractors possesses the expertise to consult, recommend, and successfully complete the projects you envision.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to them through our Industry Expert site. We are eager to assist you in achieving your goals.

Message from the FOUNDER

Founder Robert Langhans

Robert G. Langhans

I was born and raised in Canada, and in 1987, I proudly graduated from Fanshaw College in London, Ontario, achieving a Business Degree in Marketing. Later on, my journey led me overseas, where I seized the opportunity to further my education at a prestigious university in Muenster, Germany, earning a degree in Economics and Business.

During my time in Germany, I had the privilege of working for a company specializing in PE Polymers, particularly for heavy-duty lining applications. Two years of immersive lab training allowed me to work extensively with various material compounds and formulas, providing me with a broader perspective and invaluable knowledge to support contractors with exceptional expertise. As an Export Manager, I also took on the challenge of rebuilding and restructuring the Polymer Division, enhancing production efficiency and strengthening our team.

In 2003, my continuous efforts to build international relationships bore fruit, leading to a solid partnership with a reputable Florida-based firm TSE. This opportunity led to our family’s move to Florida, where I assumed the role of Managing Director, heading a brand-new German-USA Joint Venture Division specializing in specialty PE polymers for heavy-duty applications. Through this venture, we not only expanded revenue but also brought advanced technology expertise to Clearwater, FL.

In 2010, driven by my passion and experience gained in Europe and South Africa, where I worked on larger job sites and collaborated closely with applicators, I decided it was time to embark on a new journey. I founded a family-owned specialty company, dedicated to serving contractors in America with unique blends of specialty protective and repair products, targeting marine, pipeline, and building maintenance markets. The extensive knowledge I gained over the years has given me the confidence to make a genuine difference in the dynamic and growing field of specialty polymers.