Resimac 571 Concrete Repair LW


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Resimac’s 571 Concrete Repair LW is a two-part lightweight concrete mortar specifically designed to address and repair damaged overhead or vertical concrete surfaces with unparalleled efficiency. Once mixed, 571 presents an array of versatile applications, making it the go-to solution for both repairs and construction projects alike. Harnessing the power of solvent-free epoxy technology, this mortar guarantees a high-performance formula that delivers exceptional results. Its lightweight composition ensures easy handling and application, reducing physical strain during repairs. Applying this product is a breeze, thanks to its smooth and consistent texture, making it perfect for effortless trowel application.


Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs

Rebuild damaged overhead cementitious surfaces
Rapid turn around of damaged surfaces


With a trowel to primed concrete surfaces

Slump Resistance

Up to 2"

Sag Resistance

Nil at 50mm (2”)

Coverage Rates

0.5m² at 5mm 5.36ft² at 0.19”
0.25m² at 10mm 2.69ft² at 0.27”
0.125m² at 20mm 1.35ft² at 0.8”

Usable LIfe

10°C – 2 hours
20°C – 60 minutes
30°C – 30 minutes
40°C – 15 minutes

Touch Dry Cure

10°C – 16 hours
20°C – 8 hours
30°C – 4 hours
40°C – 2 hours

Maximum Overcoating

10°C – 48 hours
20°C – 24 hours
30°C – 12 hours
40°C – 6 hours


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