Resimac 103 Metal Repair Stick


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Resimac’s 103 Metal Repair Stick is a two-component repair material conveniently packaged in stick form. This versatile product rapidly cures at room temperature upon mixing, providing a reliable metal repair adhesive that develops high mechanical strength in a remarkably short period of time. Despite its fast curing time, this repair stick does not compromise on strength. It develops high mechanical strength in a short period, ensuring the repaired metal surfaces regain their structural integrity and durability. From cracked pump or valve casings to scored hydraulic rams, worn bearing housing, damaged flanges, leaking tank seams, and even cracked engine blocks, this versatile product provides a reliable and efficient solution, restoring the strength and functionality of metal components with ease.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs

Leaking pipes and tank seams
Holed pump/ valve casings
Pipe flanges
Ideal for emergency repairs

Usable Life

10°C – 10 minutes
20°C – 5 minutes
30°C – 2.5 minutes
40˚C – 1.25 minutes

Sag Resistance

Nil at 25mm

Minimum Machining TIme

10°C – 1 hour
20°C – 30 mins
30°C – 15 mins
40˚C – 7.5 mins

Full Cure

10°C – 2 hours
20°C – 1 hour
30°C – 30 minutes
40˚C – 15 minutes

Food Contact

USDA compliant for incidental food contact


Approved by BUREAU VERITAS for Surface Protection and Cold Repair Products applied to Marine Vessels
Certificate No: 55258/AO BV
Expiry: March 24, 2024