EasyBlast Surface Preparation Systems

Easy Blast Systems offer highly effective and nondestructive cleaning solutions. These advanced systems are particularly ideal for pre-paint preparation, rust removal, and eliminating dirt and debris, all while ensuring no warping occurs. Both the EB-6 and EB-25 models boast remarkable versatility and are economically designed with lightweight aluminum construction, including convenient rollers for effortless portability. When combined with our eco-friendly abrasives, Easy Blast becomes the ultimate solution for pre-paint preparation and cleaning virtually any kind of surface. From aluminum and steel to copper, tin, wood, concrete, stone, brick, tile, and grout, our system guarantees outstanding results every time.

Dry Gun with 5.5mm Nozzle
30 ft. Air Supply Hose
Filling Funnel with Internal Sieve

 Portable Lightweight Versatility for ease of use
Quick-Click Nozzle saves time and money
Effective Control with high-quality results
Non-Abrasive application for delicate surfaces
Environmentally Friendly with no harsh chemicals

Calcium Carbonate
Crushed Glass
Sodium Bicarbonate
Crushed Walnut Shells