Resimac 101 Metal Repair Paste


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Resimac’s 101 Metal Repair Paste represents an exceptional two-component, solvent-free, epoxy metal repair compound meticulously formulated to effectively address surface erosion and corrosion. It effortlessly fills in those imperfections, restoring surfaces to their former glory. The application process involves carefully administering the material onto mechanically or abrasive blast-cleaned surfaces, ensuring optimal adherence to metallic surfaces once it fully cures. What sets this product apart is its remarkable time-dependent, shear-thinning characteristics, which enable effortless application at thicknesses up to 25mm without any undesirable sagging. Furthermore, it boasts the ability to be machined to fine tolerances, providing impeccable precision and accuracy.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

1kg (2.2lb) of fully mixed product:
0.406m² at 1mm 4.3ft² at 40mil
0.203m² at 2mm 2.2ft² at 80mil
0.135m² at 3mm 1.45ft² at 1/8”

Temperature Resistance

Dry 200°C

Usable Life

10°C – 60 minutes
20°C – 30 minutes
30°C – 15 minutes
40˚C – 7.5 minutes

Minimum Machining Time

10°C – 4 hours
20°C – 2 hours
30°C – 1 hour
40˚C – 30 mins

Maximum Overcoating Time

10°C – 12 hours
20°C – 6 hours
30°C – 3 hours
40˚C – 90 mins

Food Contact

USDA compliant for incidental food contact


Approved by BUREAU VERITAS for Surface Protection and Cold Repair Products applied to Marine Vessels.
Certificate No: 55258/AO BV
Expiry: March 24, 2024


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