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Resimac’s 507 DWPU is a two-component solvent-free polyurethane coating, engineered to provide unparalleled protection for steel and primed concrete surfaces. This exceptional coating holds the prestigious UK WRAS BS 6920 approval, certifying its suitability for contact and immersion conditions involving drinking water. 507 has remarkable chemical resistance, particularly against chlorination agents such as 15% Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine, and Chlorine Dioxide. This ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance even in challenging environments. The versatility of this product shines through its ease of application, as it can be effortlessly applied using a brush, roller, or spray method. Once fully cured, it forms a flexible barrier that provides superior long-term chemical and corrosion protection for both steel and concrete surfaces.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

Chemical storage tanks
Drinking water tanks
Drinking water pumps
Structural steel
Internal pipeline surfaces
Containment areas
Scraper blades
Chemical process flooring


Applied by brush, roller, or spray

Usable Life

10°C – 40 minutes
20°C – 20 minutes
30°C – 10 minutes
40˚C – 5 minutes

Minimum Coating Time

10°C – 12 hours
20°C – 6 hours
30°C – 3 hours
40˚C – 90 minutes

Maximum Coating Time

10°C – 48 hours
20°C – 24 hours
30°C – 12 hours
40˚C – 6 hours

Water/ Seawater Immersion

10°C – 6 days
20°C – 3 days
30°C – 36 hours
40˚C – 18 hours

Chemical Immersion

10°C – 10 days
20°C – 5 days
30°C – 2.5 days
40˚C – 30 hours


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