Resimac 505 Damp Seal Base/Activator Package


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Resimac’s 505 Damp Seal is a solvent-free clear epoxy coating that exhibits unparalleled adhesion, even on poorly prepared or wet surfaces, making it the ultimate choice for priming green or damp concrete. Its versatility extends to a wide range of applications, including coating concrete floors, addressing problematic cementitious surfaces, and seamlessly adhering to wet or inadequately prepared steel. Furthermore, it excels as a laminating resin, providing a reliable and high-quality solution for various projects.  With its exceptional adhesion, unmatched ability to prime green or damp concrete, and versatility in various applications, this coating is the epitome of reliability and quality, ensuring outstanding results.

For Use with PolySteel GFS Pro 17, PolyCon GFS Pro17, and PolyAqua


Additional information

Weight 13 lbs

Seal concrete surfaces
With glass fiber fabrics for reinforcement


Applied by brush, roller, or standard airless spray

Target Thickness

150 microns

Coverage Rate

Theoretical coverage rate of 6.66m² per ltr per coat (At 150 microns)

Usable Life

10°C – 90 minutes
20°C – 45 minutes
30°C – 22.5 minutes
40˚C – 11 minutes

Minimum Overcoating Time

10°C – 16 hours
20°C – 8 hours
30°C – 4 hours
40˚C – 2 hours

Maximum Overcoating Time

10°C – 72 hours
20°C – 36 hours
30°C – 18 hours
40˚C – 9 hours


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