Resimac 503 SPEP


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Resimac’s 503 SPEP is a two-component solvent-free epoxy penetrating concrete primer designed to elevate the standards of surface preparation. This advanced product has been meticulously formulated for application on newly laid or porous concrete and cementitious surfaces. Once applied and cured, 503 goes beyond the conventional realm of primers. It performs as a remarkable consolidator, effectively enhancing the substrate by strengthening its structure and promoting optimal adhesion for subsequent coating systems.


Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs

Seal concrete surfaces


Applied by brush, roller, or spray

Target Thickness

150 microns


Theoretical Coverage Rate of 6.66m² per ltr per coat

Once cured the coated surface must have a semi gloss finish. Where there are signs of excessive porosity in the surface, the coating will have a dull finish. In such circumstances or where pinhole and weak spots are evident a second coat will be required.

Usable Life

10°C – 50 minutes
20°C – 25 minutes
30°C – 12.5 minutes
40˚C – 6 minutes

Minimum Overcoating Time

10°C – 6 hours
20°C – 3 hours
30°C – 1.5 hours
40˚C – 45 minutes

Maximum Overcoating Time

10°C – 72 hours
20°C – 36 hours
30°C – 18 hours
40˚C – 9 hours