Resimac 102 Metal Repair Fluid


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Resimac’s 102 Metal Repair Fluid is an extraordinary two-component solvent-free epoxy metal repair fluid meticulously engineered to address surface erosion and corrosion on metallic surfaces. This exceptional fluid has been specifically formulated to seamlessly fill and restore even the most severely pitted surfaces, providing remarkable depth coverage of up to 5mm. 501 is and advanced solvent-Free epoxy technology. This repair fluid ensures superior performance and durability, delivering exceptional results that surpass industry standards. It provides unmatched strength, optimal adhesion, and outstanding structural integrity, offering a reliable and robust solution for all your metal repair needs. With its outstanding filling capabilities, user-friendly application, impressive high build capability, and integrated anti-slip system, you can restore and revitalize metallic surfaces, ensuring durability and safety that exceeds expectations.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

Applied by brush


1kg (2.2lb) of fully mixed product produces:
0.440m² at 1mm
4.73ft² at 40mil
0.220m² at 2mm
2.37ft² at 80mil
0.146m² at 3mm
1.57ft² at 1/8”

Sag Resistance

Nil at 3mm

Usable Life

10°C – 60 minutes
20°C – 30 minutes
30°C – 15 minutes
40˚C – 7.5 minutes

Minimum Machining Time

10°C – 4 hours
20°C – 2 hours
30°C – 1 hour
40˚C – 30 mins

Maximum Overcoating Time

10°C – 12 hours
20°C – 6 hours
30°C – 3 hours
40˚C – 90 mins

Full Cure

10°C – 6 days
20°C – 3 days
30°C – 1.5 days
40˚C – 18 hours