We understand that you may have questions about our products. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers.

Polymer Powder Coatings

Barrier Properties: These coatings provide excellent barriers against vapors, liquids, and chemicals. They help protect the underlying surfaces from corrosion and damage.

Electrical Insulation: Thermal Flame Spray Coatings offer effective electrical insulation, making them ideal for applications where electrical conductivity needs to be minimized or eliminated.

Anti-Corrosion: These coatings possess anti-corrosive properties, shielding the coated surfaces from environmental factors that can lead to corrosion and degradation.

Flexibility: With their ability to stretch up to 500-800% without cracking or chipping, thermoplastic coatings offer exceptional flexibility. This property is particularly useful in applications where movement or expansion occurs.

Thicker Coatings: Compared to other coating methods, Thermal Flame Spray Coatings can achieve thicker coatings, ranging from 250-1000 microns. This allows for enhanced protection and durability.

Edge and Weld Coverage: The spraying process ensures excellent coverage even on complex shapes, edges, and welds, providing comprehensive protection against corrosion and other environmental factors.

Grip and Warmth: The thermoplastic coatings offer a tactile surface with improved grip and a warm feel. These properties can be advantageous in applications where users need a secure grip or increased comfort.

Impact Resistance: With their ability to withstand impact and deformation, thermoplastic coatings provide enhanced protection against physical damage, making them suitable for various industries.

Food Contact and Low Toxicity: Thermal Flame Spray Coatings comply with food contact regulations and are known for their low toxicity, making them safe for use in applications involving food processing and packaging.

In most standard applications, 10 to 15 years.

Standard Color Chart

Concrete Flooring Color Chart

YES, all our powder colors are UV-Stable.

Because this is a thermal powder, it cures with heat, so it cures instantly. Once the powder is melted and cooled to the touch, it is cured. Cooling the polymer can be done with air, or water quench.

YES, the polymer is repairable by simply re-heating the section that is damaged and putting on a new coat.

The minimal thickness is 6 MIL. but we can build up to 25 MIL, depending on the application. Usually the customer specifies minimum thickness required by the project.

YES, since we are heating up the specific area we are coating, the ambient or cold weather does not affect the coating. Even humidity is not a factor.

YES, that is one of its best attributes. It can resist up to PH 13. Download the chemical chart here.

YES, it was engineered for this purpose. Without a primer, you can apply directly to steel, aluminum, and cast iron with no issue. However, it is recommended to blast these areas clean of any old debris, or old coatings prior to a blast standard NACE 2, SP10 or SA2.5 white metal.

Flame Spray Systems

The industrial flame spray process uses powders propelled through a gun-type applicator in a dry powder form and is applied permanently onto a heated surface.

Average production rate of 800 sq. ft. per hour

Resimac Repair Materials

Metal repair materials from Resimac are based on the latest epoxy technology and are ideal for rebuilding and resurfacing worn or badly damaged mechanical equipment and components. The product range includes various grades of product to suit the numerous repairs faced by engineers. Metal repair products from Resimac can be easily machined down to fine tolerances for close-fitting components.

Resimac has a wide range of concrete repair materials that can restore badly damaged surfaces and protect them from further wear and abrasion. Our product range includes fast-curing patch repair materials, lightweight screeds for overhead work, and polymer-modified cementitious screeds that eradicate dampness and prevent moisture ingress. We also offer a variety of specialized concrete repair solutions, contact us to see how we can help.