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The deposition of semi-molten polymer particles onto heated surface whereby process heat causes the particles to flow and coalesce into a complete cohesive polymer coating.

The flame spray process involves propelling powders through a specialized gun-type applicator in a dry powder form. These powders are then applied permanently onto a heated surface, creating a durable and protective coating.

Because this is a thermal powder, it cures with heat, so it cures instantly. Once the powder is melted and cooled to the touch, it is cured. Cooling the polymer can be done with air, or water quench.

Yes! All of our powder colors are UV-Stable.

In most standard applications, 10 to 15 years.

Yes! The polymer is repairable by simply re-heating the section that is damaged and putting on a new coat.

The minimal thickness is 6 MIL. but you can build up to 25 MIL, depending on the application. Usually the customer specifies minimum thickness required by the project.

Yes! When heating the targeted area for coating, external conditions such as ambient or cold weather have no impact on the process. Humidity also does not pose any concern during application.

Yes! It can resist up to PH 13. You can check out the chemical chart here.

Yes! U-Pro17 PolySteel Coating Powder is made for direct application onto steel, aluminum, and cast iron without the need for a primer, ensuring seamless performance. However, for optimal results, it is advisable to thoroughly clean these surfaces of any old debris or coatings before applying, adhering to a blast standard such as NACE 2, SP10, or SA2.5 to achieve a white metal finish.

No. In preparation for coating concrete, a primer must be used first. Our primer is the 502 SPEP Primer, found here.

Yes! There is a minimum of 20,000 lbs per color for custom colors orders. Request a quote for more information.