U-Shield Tough Coat Powder


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Tough Coat for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

U-Shield Tough Coat Powder is a top-tier eco-friendly thermoplastic powder designed for flame spray applications. Crafted with precision using a blend of specialized aggregates, enriched composite powders, and polymers, U-Shield Tough Coat Powder guarantees optimal performance and lasting durability for your coatings.

Key Features

  • Drinking Water Approved: Safe for consumption and approved for drinking water applications.
  • Eco-Friendly: Environmentally sustainable and minimally impactful.
  • Low Toxicity Index: Poses minimal risk to health and the environment.
  • UV Resist: Resistant to ultraviolet degradation or discoloration.
  • Halogen Free: Does not contain halogen compounds, reducing environmental impact.
  • Flexible: Capable of bending or stretching without breaking.
  • Repairable: Can be easily fixed or restored if damaged.
  • Excellent Adhesion: Strong bonding properties for reliable attachment.
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistance: Resistant to wear and tear as well as physical impact.
  • Chemical Resistance: Able to withstand exposure to various chemicals without degradation.

Available Colors

Flame Spray Application

Flame spray is a thermal spray process used to apply polymer coating powders onto a substrate surface. In this process, a polymer powder is fed into a flame within a spray gun. The intense heat of the flame melts the polymer powder, forming a molten liquid that is propelled onto the substrate surface by a high-velocity stream of compressed air or inert gas. Upon contact with the substrate, the molten polymer solidifies to form a protective coating layer.  It is commonly used in various industries for corrosion protection, wear resistance, thermal insulation, and surface enhancement applications.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs

Half Gallon Tester: ~20 SQ FT
Gallon Jug: ~40 SQ FT
44 LB Box: ~300 SQ FT