Resimac 108 Pipe Repair Tape


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Resimac’s 108 Pipe Repair Tape is specifically developed to provide rapid curing through moisture activation. Operating seamlessly within systems up to 218psi and boasting a maximum temperature tolerance of 120°C, Resimac’s 108 is engineered to deliver outstanding results. It is manufactured using woven polyester fabric, which is meticulously impregnated with a polyurethane resin that activates upon contact with water. To ensure optimal performance, the pipe repair tape should be soaked in water prior to application. Once saturated, the tape can be expertly wrapped around the pipe surfaces, creating an effective seal to combat leaks caused by corrosion and erosion.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

4" x 12'




Seal leaking pipes up to 250mm diameter


Fast Curing
No special tools or equipment needed
Ideal for repairing pipes operating at low pressures
Designed for use for repairs up to 500mm diameter
Used on a wide variety of surfaces, including all metals and many types of plastics

Usable Life

10°C – 6 minutes
20°C – 3 minutes
30°C – 90 seconds
40˚C – 45 seconds

Full Cure

10°C – 1 hours
20°C – 30 minutes
30°C – 15 minutes
40˚C – 7.5 minutes


Approved for contact with potable water by WRAS (UK) BS6920