Resimac 104 Metal Repair Paste XF


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Resimac’s 104 Metal Repair Fluid XF is a two-component, fast-curing solvent-free epoxy metal repair fluid. It is specifically formulated to provide efficient repairs across a wide range of surfaces, even in situations where surface preparation may be less than ideal or when surfaces are contaminated with grease, oil, or lubricants. This product is well-suited for various applications, including emergency repairs on worn surfaces, serving as an effective anti-slip system for metallic substrates, and resurfacing and sealing leaking transformers. Additionally, it can be used as a reliable gap filling adhesive, offering versatile solutions for a range of repair and bonding needs.


Additional information

Weight .44 lbs



​Leaking pipe joints
Leaking tank seams
Transformer repairs
Leaking flange fittings
Anti-slip coating for metal decks and stairs
Resurfacing of corroded steel plates


​Applied by brush or applicator tool to manually prepared surfaces and oil-contaminated surfaces


200gm (44 lb) of fully mixed product has a coverage rate of 0.111m² at 1mm 1.2ft² at 40mil thickness
800gm (1.76 lb) of fully mixed product will give the following has a coverage rate of 0.444m² at 1mm 4.75ft² at 40mil thickness

Usable LIfe

10°C – 10 minutes
20°C – 5 minutes
30°C – 2.5 minutes
40˚C – 75 seconds

Hard Dry

10°C – 2 hours
20°C – 60 mins
30°C – 30 mins
40˚C – 15 mins

Full Cure

10°C – 8 hours
20°C – 4 hours
30°C – 2 hours
40˚C – 1 hour

Food Contact

USDA compliant for incidental food contact


Approved by NWEL for onsite transformer repairs


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