U-Pro17 PolySteel Coating Powder


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Introducing U-Pro17 PolySteel Coating Powder, a top-tier eco-friendly thermoplastic powder designed for flame spray applications. Crafted with precision using a blend of specialized aggregates, enriched composite powders, and polymers, PolySteel guarantees optimal performance and lasting durability for your coatings.


  • Exceptional Adhesion: PolyCon forms a secure bond between the coating and the substrate, ensuring longevity and performance even in tough conditions.
  • Impressive Abrasion and Impact Resistance: This coating offers a robust shield against physical damage, maintaining the integrity and appearance of your surfaces.
  • Superior Chemical Resistance: PolyCon sets a new standard in chemical protection, safeguarding against corrosion and degradation, perfect for challenging environments.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Needed for Use

Flame Spray Application System


Environmentally safe
Low toxicity index
UV rays resistance
Anti-osmotic barrier
Halogen free
Flexibility and repairability
Excellent adhesion
Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
Superior chemical resistance
Combustion fumes are low in smoke


Average 300 sq. ft./ case w/ 16 mil coverage


Traffic Orange and Traffic Yellow are Department of Transportation approved
All colors are drinking water safe