Resimac Products are in Stock!

Resimac Products are in Stock!

Resimac offers a comprehensive selection of repair solutions for both concrete and metal surfaces. With our diverse range of concrete repair materials, we have the ability to reinstate severely damaged cementitious surfaces while providing enhanced protection against wear and abrasion. Our product lineup encompasses fast-curing patch repair materials, lightweight screeds specifically designed for overhead applications, and polymer-modified cementitious screeds that effectively eliminate dampness and prevent moisture penetration. Additionally, our steel repair profucts are perfect for rebuilding and resurfacing worn or badly damaged mechanical equipment and components. With various grades available to cater to the specific repair needs faced by engineers, our metal repair products can be easily machined down to fine tolerances, ensuring a precise fit for close-fitting components.

Concrete Repair

  • Fast curing, self priming patch repair
  • Lightweight screed for overhead sills and lintels
  • Heavy duty trowel applied screed for industrial surfaces
  • Chemical resistant screed for acids and solvents
  • Polymer modified screed resisting 140psi negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Fast curing plug for sealing live leaks
  • Flexible, pourable expansion joint filler

Steel Repair

  • Repair damaged keyways
  • Repair bearing housings
  • Seal leaking tank seams
  • Scored hydraulic rams
  • Rebuild worn drive shafts
  • Cracked engine blocks
  • Rebuild valve and pump casings
  • Bond metal to metal
  • Reform flange faces


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