Resimac Concrete Repair

Resimac offers a comprehensive range of concrete repair materials designed to efficiently restore and protect damaged surfaces from further abrasion and deterioration. Our extensive product range includes fast-curing patch repair materials, lightweight screeds tailored for overhead applications, and polymer-modified cementitious screeds that effectively eliminate dampness and prevent moisture ingress. Additionally, we provide specialized concrete repair solutions to address specific needs. 

Containment Areas
External Surfaces
Floor Protection
Tank Lining
Tank Base Sealing

Solvent free technology
Fast curing grades available Lightweight screed for vertical surfaces 
10 times the strength of concrete 
Minimal surface preparation Resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals
Trowel applied systems

Reinstate damaged concrete structures
Reduce maintenance costs
Suitable for chemical process and high traffic areas
Stop moisture ingress and damp
Stop live leaks in concrete structures
Simple and easy to apply systems •
Reduced application costs

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