Resimac Steel Repair

Resimac’s metal repair materials leverage the latest advancements in epoxy technology, making them the perfect choice for rebuilding and resurfacing worn or severely damaged mechanical equipment and components. Our product range encompasses various grades to cater to the diverse repairs encountered by engineers in different scenarios. Furthermore, Resimac’s metal repair products offer the added advantage of being easily machinable to achieve precise tolerances for close-fitting components.

Engine Block Repair
Flange Face Repair
Marine Repair
Plate Bonding

Solvent free
Epoxy resin technology
Two component
High build capability
Bond to any metallic surface
Surface tolerant
No shrinkage
High mechanical adhesion

No fire risk
Ability to fill deep pits & holes
Ability to restore original dimensions
Eliminates bi-metallic corrosion
Long term asset repair & protection
Tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation
Eradicate the need for hotworks/ welding
Reduced Health & Safety risk

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